Naomi Watkins speaks at University of Lincoln conference

Today Naomi is speaking about 'Healthy Relationships' at the University of Lincoln's 'Secrets & Lies' conference in Lincoln. 

'Domestic Abuse remains a ‘hidden’ problem across societies, often unreported and ignored; leading tovictimsbeing unsupported by statutory and third sector organisations.  In many cases such societal ignorance will result in death. UK statistics report that two women a week in the UK are killed as the result of domestic abuse from a current or former partner. The impact and effect Domestic Abusehas on the whole family (as well as wider society) is huge; even if family members have been able to exit from the abuse. To explore the causes and consequences of domestic abuse and to assess how better support and provision could be offered to individuals and the wider families who have suffered, the University of Lincoln , School of Health and Social Care would like to invite you to join us in a Conference to  promote awareness and encourage people to talk about Domestic Abuse.'

Lizzie Jordan

Mercury House, Willoughton Dr, Gainsborough, DN21 1YW, United Kingdom