Complaints & Compliments

Think2Speak is committed to providing a high quality service to all of our service users.

We recognise there may be instances where service quality has fallen below expected standards.

We value feedback, including complaints and compliments.

Think2Speak listens to your complaints and concerns, treat them seriously and learn from them so we can continually improve the services we offer.

This policy sets out what procedures will be followed in order to ensure complaints received against Think2Speak directors, employees, volunteers and contractors or Think2Speak as a whole can be resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about a service, when that service is provided directly by Think2Speak by an employee, contractor or volunteer, and requires a response from the organisation. There is no difference between a ‘formal’ and an ‘informal’ complaint. Both are expressions of dissatisfaction that require a response. Think2Speak promises to investigate all complaints received made by service users, parents, guardians, carers and professionals working with service users.

Our standards for handling complaints:

  • Think2Speak treat all complaints seriously, whether they are made by letter, email, telephone or via the Think2Speak website

  • Think2Speak guarantee that you will be treated with courtesy and fairly at all times during the complaints process

  • Think2Speak will not disclose your personal information or details of your complaint to unauthorised personnel or external individuals and organisations

  • Think2Speak will aim to deal with your complaint promptly, acknowledging receipt of an informal and formal written complaint within 5 working days of receiving the complaint and send a full reply to a formal complaint within 20 working days of receipt: if we cannot send a full reply within this period we will tell you the reason(s) why and let you know when you should expect to receive our full reply

  • Think2Speak will be open and transparent about the complaints we receive, publishing information in our annual report on the number of complaints received and the percentage of complaints that have been upheld.

How to complain:

You can make a complaint:

  • via email, by contacting us at

  • via telephone, calling our Head Office on 01522 253 155

  • via our website enquiry form below

  • via post: BG Futures, Longdales Road, Lincoln, LN1 3DY

It is useful for Think2Speak to understand, as clearly as possible, the nature of your complaint; what happened, when it happened, who dealt with you, and what you think may help to rectify the issue.

Complaints procedure:

Think2Speak operates a simple and straightforward complaints procedure:

Stage 1: Informal Complaint

The complaint is received by a member of Think2Speak team who works with the person/people the complaint involves to try and provide a satisfactory remedy to the situation (e.g. apologising for a mistake made).

Notes pertaining to the informal complaint will be kept on file in case the complainant wishes to escalate their complaint or make a related complaint in the future.

Stage 2: Formal Complaint

If complainant is not satisfied with the remedy proposed by the Think2Speak employee, volunteer or contractor concerned, the complainant should write a letter or email addressed to Lizzie Jordan, CEO and Founder of Think2Speak, who will then carry out a full investigation.  Acknowledgement of this written complaint will be sent within 5 working days.

Lizzie Jordan will then write a full reply to the complainant within 20 days of receiving details of the complaint unless they are exceptional circumstances which require more investigation time.

Stage 3: Escalation of Formal Complaint

If complainant is not satisfied with the full reply received from Lizzie Jordan, the complaint will be discussed with members of the Management Committee, with a final reply letter being sent to the complainant within 1 month. Where appropriate, Think2Speak will make a written apology to the complainant, and agree any further action necessary to make good the cause of the complaint.

Data Protection:

All complaints that are received by Think2Speak will be dealt with according to the Principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. All formal complaints and the response made to them will be recorded and filed in a secure place. Complainants have the right to request that the information be disposed of under Article 17 the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and Think2Speak will fulfil that request wherever possible once it has been received. The request should be submitted via letter or email and will take a maximum of 4 working weeks to process.

How to send a compliment:

Compliments provide important learning for us by highlighting the aspects of the service that people have found useful. They also provide good feedback for Think2Speak employees and volunteers who strive hard to deliver a high standard of service quality. If you would like to let us know that you had a good experience with our service you are able to do this using the same channels as making a complaint; either in person, by phone, by letter, by email or via the Think2Speak website enquiry form below.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by Lizzie Jordan and all staff and volunteers will be notified of any changes.

This policy has been approved by Lizzie Jordan on behalf of Think2Speak CIC March 2018.


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