Talking therapies

Our bank of counsellors, skilled in working with all ages, all sexualities, gender identities and faith backgrounds are here to support. We provide on site counselling in schools, for employers and for private referrals at our premises in Gainsborough.

We are proud to state that all of our counsellors:

  • QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED - appropriately qualified and experienced

  • VERIFIED - have verified Full enhanced DBS checks

  • SUPERVISED - receive monthly clinical supervision in line with British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) codes of ethics

  • BENEFIT FROM CPD - ongoing training and skills development

For more information about our counselling services, please call us on 01427 325 535 or email

My son aged 15 years received 6 counselling sessions at his School with a Think 2 Speak counsellor. He was able to talk through his thoughts and feelings about the challenges he was struggling to cope with. We were able to notice an incredibly difference in his attitude at home, he has since been able to talk more respectfully and has calmed down his negative behaviour towards his family members. We believe his counsellor offered him a safe and confidential place and challenged his own negative thoughts about himself. He has developed a deeper awareness of himself and can now take care of himself more safely. He has grown in confidence and self esteem through this process.
— Parent of child counselled in school by Think2Speak