Think2Speak membership for schools

Our membership programme gives educational settings access to advice, support, training, counselling and age appropriate resources.

Think2speak principals of guiding, empowering and supporting

Our range of experts can help you with:

Our team of experts, consultants and counsellors cover a wide range of subjects knowledge areas including Loss and Bereavement, Domestic Abuse, Mental Health, Suicide & Self-harm, Healthy Relationships, Emotional Wellbeing, Puberty, HIV & Sexual Health, Equality & Diversity, LGBT, Bullying, Self-esteem, Confidence, Transition & many more areas.

All Think2Speak members benefit from:

  • Certificate as a Think2Speak member
  • Priority booking for our workshops and training sessions for teachers, young people and families
  • Access to our board of qualified counsellors
  • Annual audit tool
  • Email support
  • Regular updates and news
  • Tickets to our annual conference Think2Speak Live

All these benefits are available to your school for an annual membership fee of £270 a year. Contact now on 01522 253 155 to join!