Our vision:


Empowering people to be confident communicators

  • To talk about what is important in life

  • To equip people with the skills and knowledge to keep themselves safe

  • To empower people to make life decisions with confidence.

Our work:

  • Enables young people to participate better in society

  • Provides advice, training and support to teachers and individuals working with young people

  • Provides advice, mentoring, counselling and activity resources for young people

  • Organises programmes of emotional wellbeing and other activities

  • Helps young people advance in life and develop their skills, confidence, capabilities and capacities

  • Works in partnership with other organisations to seek solutions to the barriers and problems encountered by young people

  • Advises parents and families about the issues young people may have and how to manage them through training and workshops

  • Promotes social inclusion and social integration in communities.

Award Winning Social Enterprise as seen in: