Think2Speak social enterprise mission statement

Our vision:


Think2Speak enables education settings, and organisations working with young people, to feel fully equipped to handle a range of issues young people may have.  Think2Speak enable young people to feel empowered to make life decisions confidently. We also help parents to feel confident in supporting their young people. 

Our work:

  • Enables young people to participate better in society
  • Provides advice, training and support to teachers and individuals working with young people
  • Provides advice, mentoring, counselling and activity resources for young people
  • Organises programmes of emotional wellbeing and other activities
  • Helps young people advance in life and develop their skills, confidence, capabilities and capacities
  • Works in partnership with other organisations to seek solutions to the barriers and problems encountered by young people
  • Advises parents and families about the issues young people may have and how to manage them through training and workshops
  • Promotes social inclusion and social integration among the community of rural Lincolnshire

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