Lizzie Jordan shares Think2Speak's work in the House of Lords

Lizzie Jordan, Think2Speak Co-Founder, was delighted to be Terrence Higgins Trust's invited speaker at their Annual Parliamentary Reception in the House of Lords for World AIDS Day 2016. Sharing her personal story of being a HIV+ advocate and the work that Think2Speak does with young people, she was able to address Lords, politicians, the media and industry seniors and stress the need for PSHE and SRE for all young people.

'The voices of people living with HIV were heard loud and clear in Parliament last night at a Terrence Higgins Trust reception in the House of Lords. 
The UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity held its annual parliamentary reception, hosted by Baroness Gould and the Lord Speaker Lord Fowler, which brought together politicians, campaigners, medics and people affected by HIV to mark World AIDS Day (Thursday 1 December).

Three decades after the HIV epidemic began in the UK, HIV was back at the top of the agenda in Parliament on the eve of this important day of action, awareness and remembrance. 

Nearly 40 parliamentarians from across the political spectrum attended, including the Minister for Public Health Nicola Blackwood, Shadow Minister for Public Health Sharon Hodgson, Mike Freer MP, Tommy Shepherd MP and Stephen Doughty MP. Together they wore their red ribbons with pride, while reflecting on how far we’ve come, but how far we still have to go.

A powerful and inspiring speech by Lizzie Jordan, a 35-year-old mother living with HIV, silenced the crowded River Room as she described “becoming a mother, a widow and HIV positive within 18 months.”

Lizzie has first-hand experience of the stigma that still exists around the virus and now dedicates her time to speaking to young people in schools about HIV.' Read more from the Terrence Higgins Trust press release here