Spread a little kindness for Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week 2017

We are pleased to support Children’s Mental Health Week (6-12 February). To celebrate the week, we asked our team to share their favourite quotes, hints and tips to spread a little kindness. Check them out on our Facebook page here to like and vote for your favourite!

Hosted by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, the theme this year is 'spread a little kindness’.

Moving schools, struggling in class, bullying, trouble at home – children go through tough times just like the rest of us.

And while we cannot always change their circumstances, a small gesture – whether it’s lending a listening ear, offering a helping hand, or just telling someone how much you appreciate them – can make a big difference.

When children feel supported by peers and grown-ups, they are better able to deal with difficult transitions. Not only that, but scientists have proven that being kind to ourselves and others is good for our brains – and our relationships!

Find more information and resources for parents, teachers and youth clubs at www.ChildrensMentalHealthWeek.org.uk

Lizzie JordanComment