What does 'Mental Health' mean to Young People in Lincolnshire?

Over the summer the Think2Speak team facilitated a series of session with young people involved in Lincolnshire County Council's Young Inspectors programme. The sessions were to discuss what young people's perceptions of 'mental health' were in the county and also to see what they would like to see develop. 

Session 1

  • Age ranges 12-19

  • Young people varying needs, abilities and from across the county

  • Three overriding themes came out of the discussions and debates. 

  • Inspirational stories and quotes - keen to hear the voices of other young people

  • Wish You Knew - Listen to me - want adults and professionals involved in their lives to listen

  • Chat and chill - Support others - wanted to help friends and create safe place to talk

Session 2

At the second session of the project, Think2Speak presented the group with the three themes which have been most prominent in the discussions and notes from the first group session. The young people then had chance to discuss the themes and vote for the one they'd like to explore further.

Over 80% of the room voted to discuss the 'Chat and Chill' theme further. The young people then prepared a canvas using magazines to create montage posters to promote the Chat and Chill theme.