Resilience Programme

KS3/KS4+ and YR 6/7 Transition

Enriching young people's

  • Approach to learning

  • Aspirations for success

  • Drive to accomplish their goals

Student achievement is predicated on more than academic ability and natural talent. High levels of mental toughness will encourage students to be more successful by enhancing their overall control, over the challenges placed before them. Reducing the chance of withdrawal. This dynamic and interactive programme enthuses young people to focusing on their:

  • Self-Belief - having a belief in one’s ability and one’s unique qualities to achieve success, providing the self-confidence to do so Motivation - a driving force or forces responsible for the initiation, persistence, direction and vigor of goal-directed behaviour

  • Focus - the ability to remain fully focused on the task or situation when specific distractions are apparent. When required and turn off any negative worry or self-talk

  • Resilience - the capability to regain psychological control, following unexpected events; thriving on pressure and being able to embrace the emotion and know it can be managed.

Young people who have completed Mental Toughness programmes benefit from:

  • Performing better academically

  • Higher completion/lower drop out rates

  • Improved behaviour – more engaged, more positive, more “can do” Increased wellbeing – more contentment, less bullying

  • Raised aspirations – more ambitious

  • Increased employability

Our feedback shows that even after one session, the overall mental toughness of participating young people increased, with their interpersonal confidence particularly, showing the greatest improvement.

What's involved?

  • Programme designed, lead and developed by our director Alan Searle, Performance Psychologist BSc MBPsS PGCE Facilitated by our qualified, experienced team

  • 6 week intervention programme

  • 2 hours per week

  • Group size up to 15 people per trainer

  • Suitable for Year 6/7 transition, KS3, KS4 and upwards

  • Bespoke and staff programmes also available

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