Shhh...No Talking Report

Terrence Higgins Trust’s Shhh… No Talking report, published in July 2016, detailed the experiences of RSE lessons from over 900 young people aged 16-25 across Britain. The report highlighted the inadequate or non-existent provision in many schools.

The report’s main findings included:

  • 99% of young people surveyed thought RSE should be mandatory in all schools.

  • 97% thought it should be LGBT-inclusive.

  • One in seven respondents had not received any RSE at all.

  • Over half (61%) received RSE just once a year or less.

  • Half of young people rated the RSE they received in school as either ‘poor’ or ‘terrible’.

  • Just 2% rated it as ‘excellent’ and only 10% rated it as ‘good’.

  • 95% were not taught about LGBT relationships.