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No Harm Done: Recognising and responding to self-harm: Next steps for staff working with young people

Self-harm describes any way in which a young person might harm themselves or put themselves at risk in order to cope with difficult thoughts, feelings or experiences. It affects up to 1 in 5 young people and spans the divides of gender, class, age and ethnicity. As such, many people find themselves in the position of wanting to support a young person who is self-harming. This can be difficult due to lack of confidence or uncertainty about what to say or do.

Here Young Minds have provided simple guidance for taking those first steps – your support can be lifechanging.

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An Introduction to Supporting LGBT Young People: A Guide for Schools

This guide is designed to help school staff ensure that every lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young person feels supported to be themselves at school. It aims to provide staff with an overview of some key areas of support, and a starting point from which they can develop practices which include and celebrate the contributions made to the school community by their lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans students.

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Supporting Young Carers in School: An introduction for Primary and Secondary School Staff

Why do young carers need your support?

A young carer’s personal and physical development, physical and emotional health, and social opportunities can all be affected by the family situation and their caring role. Young carers learn practical and caring skills at an early age and can be wrongly seen as ‘copers’.

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Be Bothered! Making Education Count for Young Carers

Official statistics estimate that there are over 175,000 young carers in the UK caring for a sick or disabled relative, with 13,000 of these young people caring for more than 50 hours a week.

However, a recent survey for the BBC carried out by Professor Saul Becker, a leading expert on young carers, found that there are four times more young carers in the UK than are officially recognised by 2001 census data.

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Stonewall School Report 2017

School Report 2017 is Stonewall’s latest research with the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge into the experiences of over 3,700 lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) pupils in Britain’s schools.

The study shows that while progress has been made over the last decade, many LGBT young people continue to face significant challenges in Britain’s schools.

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