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Schools and Youth Mental Health: A briefing on current challenges and ways forward

There is increasing concern about youth mental health within the education and health sectors, and much controversy about how much of a role schools should play in tackling the issues. The school mental health organisation Minds Ahead and the education and youth ‘think and action-tank’ LKMco joined forces to synthesise the best research available on the scale and causes of the issues, as well as to provide practical recommendations for policy makers and practitioners which is summarised in this report.

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Autism: A resource pack for schools

This pack, designed by The National Autistic Society, can be of help to any member of staff working in an education setting. It includes information about autism, how it may affect children and young people in education settings, information on strategies, interventions and useful resources from the NAS and other organisations. The pack aims to give teachers greater confidence in working with pupils who are on the autism spectrum.

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