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Teaching Body Image In a Digital World- Education Executive Article

An interesting article published in Education Executive which explores how teachers can teach about body image in a relevant and engaging way, with recourse to talking about the digital world. The article mentions the importance of students having access to PSHE and RSE lessons which focus on navigating the challenges of using social media in a positive way.

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Body Image: How we think and feel about our bodies research

New research compiled by the Mental Health Foundation exploring body image and how it effects our mental health and levels of emotional wellbeing. The research explores body image in each life stage, as well as provides information on how we can protect, promote and maintain body image and encourage body positivity.

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Myth vs Reality: Childnet International PSHE Toolkit on Online Safety for Key Stage 3

A new toolkit for Key Stage 3 PSHE teachers from Childnet International which is designed to help them to explore online safety with their students in an evidence-based and interactive way.

The toolkit explores topics including body image, pornography and healthy relationships and encourages students to talk about the “reality” of the content they view online and the potential effects it may have on mental health and emotional wellbeing. The toolkit includes a set of 3 lesson plans, one on each of the topics outlined above.

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Key Standards in Teaching about Body Image: PSHE Association and Government Equalities Office Teaching Guidance

Comprehensive guidance for primary and secondary school teachers published by the PSHE Association and the Government Equalities Office about talking to students about body image in PSHE and RSE lessons in an evidence-based and empowering way.

The guidance includes sections on:

  • Creating a school environment that supports and promotes positive body image

  • Keys to promoting positive body image safely and confidently as part of your PSHE curriculum

  • Addressing the needs of vulnerable groups, including LGBTQ+ students

  • Responding to concerns about pornography.

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#MySenseOfSelf Body Image and Self-Esteem Lesson Plan - Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign has collaborated with ASOS through the #MySenseOfSelf project to create a 1.5 hour lesson plan which can be used in PSHE Key Stage 3 and 4 lessons to open up empowering conversations around body image.

The lesson plan covers 3 core areas:

  • Social media and its impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing

  • Celebrating difference

  • Developing self-esteem.

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Media Smart Resources on Advertising and Body Image for Primary and Secondary Schools

Media Smart has produced a set of free resources for PSHE/RSE/ICT teachers to use to discuss digital advertising, advertising, body image and social media with students. The resources include lesson plans, videos and activities that help to stimulate conversations around mental health, emotional wellbeing, media literacy and safeguarding.

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