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The Linking Network: Primary lessons that develop an understanding of British values and universal values

A great guide from The Linking Network providing lesson plan ideas on teaching students about British values and universal values in order to develop the understanding and skills they need to be a British citizen. Lesson plans are provided on Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Diversity.

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Breaking the Mould: Challenging Gender Stereotypes Primary School National Education Union Resource

The National Union of Teachers, now part of the National Education Union, created an innovative set of resources to help primary school teachers discuss gender equality in the classroom, with the aim of empowering students to challenge gender stereotypes and develop empathy for children of all gender identities. The resources are based on a project carried out in 5 primary schools

The resource includes:

  • “Stereotypes Stop You Doing Stuff” is a detailed overview report looking at how the 5 primary schools used resources to empower students to challenge gender stereotypes

  • “Boys Things and Girls Things?” explores the strategies that primary school teachers used to explore gender stereotyping, through the use of books.

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World Book Day 2019 Resources

The World Book Day website is full of engaging, thought-provoking resources for primary and secondary school teachers to use to plan lessons and assemblies for students to help celebrate World Book Day 2019. These resources and booklist recommendations can then be adapted to introduce a diverse range of books into Schemes of Work that help to develop written and verbal communication skills and emotional intelligence and empathy in children and young people.

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Holocaust Memorial Day Activity Pack for Schools and Youth Organisations 2019

The Holocaust Memorial Trust has created an activity pack for use in schools and youth organisations, filled with suggestions for lesson plans, assemblies and other events to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2019. This year’s theme is “Torn Apart”, asking people to think about the effects that being forced to leave one’s home because of the threat of persecution or genocide has on the mental and physical health of refugees and asylum seekers and survivors of genocide.

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Young Carers Awareness Day Resources 2019

Young Carers Awareness Day is on the 31st January and schools and colleges are being encouraged to talk more with students about the challenges faced by fellow peers who are young carers and highlight awareness of organisations and resources young carers can access for help. These resources have been created by The Carer’s Trust to help spark positive conversations in PSHE/RSE/Citizenship lessons.

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