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International Slavery Museum Resources for Schools

A comprehensive pack designed by the International Slavery Museum for use by teachers in Key Stage 2 and 3 PSHE, RSE, Citizenship, RE or History lessons to teach students about the slave trade in an open and frank way. The resources draw on documents and art that is displayed in the museum.

Sections covered in the resources include learning about Africa, the Atlantic Passage, Plantation Life and the story behind Abolition.

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Ten Heritage Lessons - "This is How We Got Here" LGBT History Project Lesson Plans Key Stages 3 and 4- Schools OUT UK for The Proud Trust

The This is How We Got Here’ project aimed to uncover hidden stories of LGBT activism and civil rights history over the period 1960 to 2000. The interviews were conducted by young people aged 14-25 from youth clubs in Stockport, Wythenshawe and Manchester and led to the creation of 10 lesson plans by teachers at Schools OUT UK for The Proud Trust. These lesson plans can be adapted for use in History, English, PSHE and Citizenship, Geography and Science lessons to help mark LGBT History Month 2019.

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The Proud Trust and Schools OUT UK LGBT Month 2019 Resource Pack "Peace, Reconciliation and Activism"

The Proud Trust, in collaboration with Schools OUT UK have produced a Resource Pack for schools, colleges and youth organisations to help plan sessions to celebrate the positive contribution LGBT+ activists have made to progressing human rights, including equality for all.

Sessions include LGBT Bingo, Exploring Activism Methods and exploring The Genderbread Person infographic.

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