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Creating a dementia-friendly workplace: A practical guide for employers- Alzheimer's Society

A useful guide from the Alzheimer’s Society with information, advice and guidance on creating a dementia-friendly workplace for staff and service users designed for employers and HR professionals. The guide includes sections on dementia awareness, supporting employees with dementia and signposting information to organisations who can provide further information, advice and guidance in their local area.

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Fraud advice for online gamers - Action Fraud

With more secondary school pupils choosing to play online games and the likelihood of them progressing onto pay-for games as they get older, they need to be aware of the potential scams that they may encounter whilst playing online games. The information from Action Fraud can be incorporated into Key Stage 3 and 4 PSHE and ICT lessons to inform students about these scams.

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Police in the Classroom: A handbook for the police and PSHE teachers

A great handbook compiled by the PSHE Association which focuses on how representatives from local police forces can be involved in the delivery of PSHE lessons, whether this be through visiting schools to talk about the role the police play in local communities or delivering lessons on an aspect of the PSHE curriculum which they deal with. Sections include “Maximising the benefits for police, teachers and pupils”, “Planning safe, meaningful learning” and delivering PSHE sessions.

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What are big D and little D Deaf Awareness Article

An informative article from deaf@x which explores the differences between big D and little d and why understanding the difference matters for service providers being informed about best practice to empower service users who are deaf.

In summary:

Deaf (with an upper case ‘D’) generally denotes someone who was born Deaf, and predominantly uses British Sign Language and culturally identifies with the Deaf community.

deaf (with a lower case ‘d’) refers to someone who has become deaf over their lifetime and identifies with the hearing community. They will tend to use hearing aids or lip-reading.

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Expert Advice and Guidance Videos - Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing from The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has produced a series of videos which are based on providing more information, advice and guidance to frontline professionals working with children, young people and their families on mental health and emotional wellbeing. Each video contains information, advice and guidance delivered by an expert in the area covered in that video.

The topics covered by the videos include:

  • Anxiety

  • Measuring Pupil Wellbeing

  • Depression in Adolescents

  • Bereavement

  • Low Mood

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Timpson's Free Books on Attachment

Sir John Timpson CBE has written three useful little guide books on Attachment, based on years’ experience as a foster carer –  A Guide to Attachment, How to Create a Positive Future and Looking After Looked After Children.

These three books are available free from any Timpson, Max Spielmann or Johnsons the Cleaners store.

The books aim to enlighten foster carers, inform educators and engage the wider public about Attachment using simple, jargon-free language and pictures. You are welcome to pop into any of our stores and pick up a copy for anyone who you think will benefit from learning more about Attachment.

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