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"Managing bereavement in the workplace: a good practice guide"

ACAS have produced a comprehensive guide for HR professionals, SME employers and senior management on how to adopt a whole-organisational approach to supporting team members who are experiencing bereavement.

The guide includes sections on:

  • What the law says about supporting staff experiencing bereavement

  • Managing bereavement and returning to work

  • Avoiding discrimination and addressing bullying

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Police in the Classroom: A handbook for the police and PSHE teachers

A great handbook compiled by the PSHE Association which focuses on how representatives from local police forces can be involved in the delivery of PSHE lessons, whether this be through visiting schools to talk about the role the police play in local communities or delivering lessons on an aspect of the PSHE curriculum which they deal with. Sections include “Maximising the benefits for police, teachers and pupils”, “Planning safe, meaningful learning” and delivering PSHE sessions.

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Home Office Child Exploitation Disruption Toolkit

A new toolkit compiled by The Home Office for professionals working with children and young people in the UK providing information, advice and guidance about key legislation that can be called upon to disrupt the criminal and sexual exploitation of children and young people.

The guide includes a set of definitions, best practice on information sharing with statutory organisations and other public sector organisations and on multi-agency working.

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Leeds City Council Gender Identity Guidance for Schools and Children and Families Services

A comprehensive, useful guide designed by Leeds City Council for organisations working with children and young people who are trans, gender-diverse or gender questioning and their families to ensure that policies and procedures comply with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and best practice. Advice is provided on areas such as language use, dealing with transphobic bullying and hate incidents and exploring issues of gender identity in the National Curriculum.

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