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Disability Action Alliance Information Pack for Professionals working with Children and Young People in Schools

A comprehensive pack designed by Disability Action Alliance to help frontline professionals working with children in schools to develop their awareness of disability, including how they can take action to tackle Disability Hate Crime. The pack includes links to a variety of resources that have been designed, by different organisations, including resources designed by Altogether Better which focus on developing students’ ability to question the stories that they read in mainstream media articles about disabled people, particularly the negative language.

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Police in the Classroom: A handbook for the police and PSHE teachers

A great handbook compiled by the PSHE Association which focuses on how representatives from local police forces can be involved in the delivery of PSHE lessons, whether this be through visiting schools to talk about the role the police play in local communities or delivering lessons on an aspect of the PSHE curriculum which they deal with. Sections include “Maximising the benefits for police, teachers and pupils”, “Planning safe, meaningful learning” and delivering PSHE sessions.

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