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Association of Sexting with Sexual Behaviours and Mental Health Among Adolescents

New research into the association between sexting and sexual behaviours and mental health amongst adolescents published by JAMA Pediatrics.

A meta-analysis of 23 studies comprising 41 723 participants found that adolescent sexting is significantly associated with sexual activity, multiple sexual partners, lack of contraception use, delinquent behavior, internalizing problems, and substance use. The associations between sexting and multiple sexual partners, drug use, smoking, and internalizing problems were stronger in younger compared with older adolescents.

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Art Works: Using the Arts to promote Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Schools

A report produced by City Arts which examines the Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) project facilitated in Nottinghamshire which included arts activities which were designed to improve emotional health and wellbeing of students. 18 schools took part in the TaMHS project and the project evaluators found that arts projects based in schools could be used to help raise awareness of mental health issues and that the relationships forged between artists and students could open up conversations which students would otherwise feel unable to have with their teachers.

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The mental health impacts of divisive policies in schools- learning from the past

A new blog post by Dr David Woodhead which makes the case as to why LGBTQIA+ inclusive school policies and procedures and a LGBTQIA+ inclusive RSE Programme of Study matters in improving the mental health and emotional wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ students. Dr Woodhead draws on his experiences of Section 28 and the effect it had on student mental health and emotional wellbeing from the late 80’s to the early 2000s and beyond.

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The Power of Youth Social Action #IWill Impact Report

The #IWill campaign has produced an impact report exploring the positive outcomes which have resulted from young people engaging in youth social action projects in their local communities. The report shows that young people increasingly want to participate in youth social action projects as a way of getting their voices heard. The report includes sections on what good youth social action projects look like and the critical role that schools have to play in encouraging young people to engage in social action projects.

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"The Milk's in the Oven": A Booklet about Dementia for Children and Young People - The Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation’s booklet designed to raise awareness of dementia amongst students in Key Stages and 3. The booklet includes information on describing memory loss, what happens when a loved one is experiencing memory loss as a result of developing dementia and what young people can to do help loved ones experiencing dementia.

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Teaching Body Image In a Digital World- Education Executive Article

An interesting article published in Education Executive which explores how teachers can teach about body image in a relevant and engaging way, with recourse to talking about the digital world. The article mentions the importance of students having access to PSHE and RSE lessons which focus on navigating the challenges of using social media in a positive way.

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Early Support for Military-Connected Families: Evaluation of services at NSPCC Military Sites

A new report by the NSPCC Learning team which evaluates interventions and services which are provided to military-connected families at NSPCC Military Sites.

Findings from the report include:

  • Drop-in services can provide the early-help support that children need to cope with the challenge of having a parent/parents who are in the Armed Forces

  • Parents who access drop-in services were more likely to feel less socially isolated and lonely

  • School-aged children valued opportunities at the drop-in centres to talk about their mental health and emotional wellbeing needs.

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Body Image: How we think and feel about our bodies research

New research compiled by the Mental Health Foundation exploring body image and how it effects our mental health and levels of emotional wellbeing. The research explores body image in each life stage, as well as provides information on how we can protect, promote and maintain body image and encourage body positivity.

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Childline Exam Stress and Pressure Resources

A resources page from Childline to help students to develop the resilience skills and self-care strategies they need to cope with exam stress and pressure. Information includes advice on how to spot the signs of exam stress, coping strategies to deal with pressure and how to navigate external challenges and problems that may compound exam stress, such as relationship issues.

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Support to Tackle Exam Stress from BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize has developed a number of resources for young people to explore when preparing for exams and for dealing with exam-related stress which can be shared by teachers in form time .

The resources available include:

  • Dr Radha’s Exam Survivors podcast

  • How to deal with exam stress video

  • Exam Essentials Series.

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Supporting Student Mental Health Wellbeing and Wellbeing in Colleges: A Resource Pack

A resource pack designed by the Association of Colleges to help college welfare professionals to meet the early intervention mental health needs of students. The pack includes information on leadership and management, the importance of Student Voice and auditing and monitoring of mental health and emotional wellbeing policies and procedures.

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Myth vs Reality: Childnet International PSHE Toolkit on Online Safety for Key Stage 3

A new toolkit for Key Stage 3 PSHE teachers from Childnet International which is designed to help them to explore online safety with their students in an evidence-based and interactive way.

The toolkit explores topics including body image, pornography and healthy relationships and encourages students to talk about the “reality” of the content they view online and the potential effects it may have on mental health and emotional wellbeing. The toolkit includes a set of 3 lesson plans, one on each of the topics outlined above.

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Key Standards in Teaching about Body Image: PSHE Association and Government Equalities Office Teaching Guidance

Comprehensive guidance for primary and secondary school teachers published by the PSHE Association and the Government Equalities Office about talking to students about body image in PSHE and RSE lessons in an evidence-based and empowering way.

The guidance includes sections on:

  • Creating a school environment that supports and promotes positive body image

  • Keys to promoting positive body image safely and confidently as part of your PSHE curriculum

  • Addressing the needs of vulnerable groups, including LGBTQ+ students

  • Responding to concerns about pornography.

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#MySenseOfSelf Body Image and Self-Esteem Lesson Plan - Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign has collaborated with ASOS through the #MySenseOfSelf project to create a 1.5 hour lesson plan which can be used in PSHE Key Stage 3 and 4 lessons to open up empowering conversations around body image.

The lesson plan covers 3 core areas:

  • Social media and its impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing

  • Celebrating difference

  • Developing self-esteem.

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Health and Safety Executive Stress in Education Talking Toolkit

A new toolkit produced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) designed to help reduce levels of stress prevalent amongst teaching staff in secondary schools. The HSE states that over 500,000 working days were lost in secondary schools as a result of work-related stress in the past 12 months.

The Talking Toolkit can be used by managers to facilitate open and honest conversations with staff about their mental health and emotional wellbeing needs.

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"Managing bereavement in the workplace: a good practice guide"

ACAS have produced a comprehensive guide for HR professionals, SME employers and senior management on how to adopt a whole-organisational approach to supporting team members who are experiencing bereavement.

The guide includes sections on:

  • What the law says about supporting staff experiencing bereavement

  • Managing bereavement and returning to work

  • Avoiding discrimination and addressing bullying

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CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey Report April 2019

The latest Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey Report from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which indicates that employers’ are becoming increasingly more aware of their responsibility to helping to maintain employee wellbeing through the devising of effective wellbeing strategies. The average level of employee absence is now the lowest recorded by the CIPD at 5.9 days but there is a noticeable rise in the levels of “presenteeism” and “leaveism”.

The report concludes that leadership and management should ensure that all of their policies and procedures are mindful of employee wellbeing.

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"Supporting young parents to reach their full potential" Local Government Association and Public Health England Report

The Local Government Association and Public Health England have published a report looking into case studies from organisations across England who have supported young parents. Areas covered include Brighton and Hove, North Yorkshire and West Sussex.

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Coram Voice Care Leavers Study 2018

Coram Voice has released findings from their most recent survey with care leavers in England. Findings from the responses of 474 16-25 year old care leavers who completed the survey in six local authorities in England in 2018 include:

  • 63% of care leavers agreed with the statement ‘I always feel safe where I live’,

  • 67% agreed that ‘Where I live is right for me’

  • 86% agreed that they felt involved in their pathway planning all or some of the time.

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How are you feeling today? NHS Employers Toolkit

An easy-to-use resource designed by NHS Employers to help HR professionals, line managers and their colleagues have fruitful and frank conversations around mental health and emotional wellbeing, which is now widely being used by NHS Trusts. The resource can be used as part of marking Stress Awareness Month or Mental Health Awareness Week.

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