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"Young People, Internet Use and Wellbeing-Technology in the Home" SWGfL Report

A report by the Internet Safety organisation SWGfL which looks at children and young people’s use of the Internet and technology in the home. The report provides findings from a survey of 9,154 children and young people between Year 2 and Year 13 living in the UK and a survey of parents conducted by Mumsnet.

The report has found that:

  • Young people are likely to turn to their parents for help until they reach their teenage years

  • As young people get older, they believe they know more about digital technology than their parents

  • Young people become more and more confident about bypassing technical house rules as they get older

  • There may be evidence to suggest as children get older they aren’t aware their internet access is being monitored.

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Youth Work Inquiry Final Report April 2019

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Affairs (APPG) has released its final report of the Inquiry into youth work in England. The report has found that youth work is capable of reaching children who may otherwise remain inaccessible and helps build trusted relationships with adults who can help them access the support they need.

The report concludes that there should be a minister responsible for young people and youth work, that there needs to be a greater investment in youth work, that the Government should introduce a statutory duty and that there should be guidance that defines the minimum and protected level of youth service.

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Holocaust Memorial Day Activity Pack for Schools and Youth Organisations 2019

The Holocaust Memorial Trust has created an activity pack for use in schools and youth organisations, filled with suggestions for lesson plans, assemblies and other events to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2019. This year’s theme is “Torn Apart”, asking people to think about the effects that being forced to leave one’s home because of the threat of persecution or genocide has on the mental and physical health of refugees and asylum seekers and survivors of genocide.

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Research in Practice Briefing: Safeguarding during adolescence– the relationship between Contextual Safeguarding, Complex Safeguarding and Transitional Safeguarding

A Research in Practice briefing for safeguarding professionals working with young people, including school Designated Safeguarding Leads exploring the relationship between contextual, complex and transitional safeguarding during adolescence. The briefing outlines what is meant by the terms ‘complex safeguarding’, ‘contextual safeguarding’ and ‘transitional safeguarding’ and how these approaches overlap and complement each other.

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Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Young People Statistics 2017-18

Public Health England has released statistics on alcohol and drug treatment in England for young people under 18-years-old in 2017/18.

Statistics include:

  • 15,583 young people accessing specialist substance misuse services in 2017/18.

  • Of all the young people starting treatment in 2017/18 who gave a mental health status, 2,954 (27 per cent) said they had a mental health treatment need. 

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Mental Health of Transgender Children Who Are Supported in Their Identities

Previous work with children with gender identity disorder (GID; now termed gender dysphoria) has found remarkably high rates of anxiety and depression in these children. The mental health in a sample of socially transitioned transgender children is examined in this 2016 research study by Kristina R. Olson, Lily Durwood, Madeleine DeMeules and Katie A. McLaughlin.

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