Exam Stress (2 hour workshop)

Suitable for: SATS’s, 11+, GCSES, A levels

This workshop aims to educate children and young people about stress:

  • How stress can manifest itself in the body and mind.
  • The many daily causes of stress at home/school.
  • How to identify the symptoms.
  • How to avoid additional stress.
  • Activities to help relax and develop positive thoughts. 

Two Part Workshop - either together or delivered an hour at a time over two weeks

Session 1/Part 1:

This short workshop has been written to support children and young people with busy and stressful lives.

We begin by sharing ideas in pairs about stress, what it is and how they feel they can be affected.

We then share ideas as a group, in a semicircle.

The attendees then transfer these ideas onto a drawing of a person and show where in the body they can feel stress.

We then move onto good/bad stress and the poison parrot activity, how we can give ourselves negative thoughts and fears that can lead to us feeling stressed.

The positive parrot then takes over and starts to work with us, rather than against us and starts to help by being our friend confirming kind and supportive thoughts.


Session 2/part 2

As a group we run through a selection of scenarios and decide how they may make us feel.

We then move onto exams and feelings and emotions evoked by them, sharing strategies and ideas to help reduce these feelings.

Finally, we move onto a relaxation/visualisation exercise to allow the attendees to relax and get in touch with their bodies and sensations of switching off to the outside world. 

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Lizzie Jordan

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