Applied Therapeutic Skills Level 3

Suitable for professionals working with children and young people including senior management, teaching and support staff.


This Level 3 qualification is an experiential course aimed to enable professionals to deepen their understanding and further develop their skills in working with children and young people and supporting their emotional health and wellbeing.

The programme is delivered over 32 guided learning hours (also available as CPD points), registration and certification will be issued as an Ascentis certificate which carries the Ofqual Level 3 nationally recognised qualification. There are 15 credits assigned to this qualification. Ofqual Qualification Accreditation Number 601/7554/0

By the end of the course, participants will have covered the following areas:

  • Attachment Theory in Practice – This unit focuses on the neuroscience of attachment, attachment theory and the relationship between the child and the adults attachment styles. It introduces the concepts of transference, counter-transference and projection and begins to explore the developmental needs of children.
  • Creating a Secure Alliance – This unit focuses on strategies for creating a secure alliance including: attunement, providing holding and containment, communicating empathy and hope, providing opportunities for the client to practice new ways of relating to others and being held in mind.
  • Relational Listening Skills – This practical unit will equip participants with in-depth skills in relational listening, including why these skills are important, how to listen relationally, blocks to relational listening, recognising the feelings behind words, managing silence, strategies for self support and facilitating a way forward.
  • Understanding and Reducing Effects of Shame – In this unit participants will explore the purpose of shame, how to recognise shame, how we and others defend against shame, how courage, compassion and connection heal shame and ways to recognise and manage shame based behaviours.
  • Therapeutic Problem Solving Techniques – During this unit, participants will be taught both solution focused and creative techniques for dealing with conflict, raising awareness and supporting the development of emotional literacy and resilience.

This course involves a level of personal reflective work, participants will be invited to explore their own experience in relation to the course topics so that they are able to recognise their own potential triggers and defences, leading to greater empathy with and understanding of their client group. Evaluation is through observation and written assignments.


The course can be delivered in two modes either as a facilitated for a single organisation or on a per delegate basis for centrally held courses. Please contact us for the next available course start date. This training is delivered over four non-consecutive days.


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