Trauma informed Safe Handling and De-Escalation Skills. ‘SHADES’

Suitable for all staff working with children and young people including senior management, teaching and support staff.

By the end of the programme participants will have: 

  • An understanding of the impact of early life trauma on development and behaviour 
  • A framework for addressing underlying motivations for behaviour 
  • An understanding of the importance of containment as a tool for managing distress 
  • An understanding of safeguarding and the law as it relates to managing challenging and high risk behaviours 
  • Developed and practiced skills in de-escalation and conflict management 
  • Developed physical skills to safely manage aggression, crisis and acute distress 

This is a professional development event designed to increase knowledge and develop skills in this area. The approach to learning is both interactive and engaging to meet the needs of all participants.

The training incorporates a wide range of strategies in distress management and de-escalation skills and; examines the role of non-verbal communication and physical presence. The training does teach a number of physical skills to ensure the safety of all those concerned at times of crisis but does not teach ‘restraint’ techniques.

Two-day course – please contact us for the next available date.

The course can be delivered in two modes either as a facilitated for a single organisation or on a per delegate basis for centrally held courses. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

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